La persévérance paie II - Cécile ChronéABOUT THE ARTIST

Cécile is a painter who has a passion for color. She works mainly in acrylic as she appreciates the freedom that this medium provides.

Having a scientific education, she explored her artistic side only very selectively, until the occurrence of an emotionally charged event, following which she sought comfort in painting.

After some timid attempts, Cécile began to participate in acrylic painting workshops in 2015 in order to acquire the techniques that would allow her to give form to her inspirations.

A great part of her life has been devoted to encouraging women to fulfill their potential and improve their lifestyle in the spirit of joy and good humor. The perseverance of these women has allowed them to experience spectacular transformations, which reciprocally inspired them to be a bit better each day. It is this magnificent message of exchange, accomplishment and hope that Cécile is humbly trying to transmit in these works.